The benefits of training go well beyond just qualifications. Well trained staff are more efficient, focussed and safe.

Industry Practitioners

You can apply to the TBCITB for funding to assist you or your staff in attending training.

Here are some points to consider if you are choosing training for your staff:

  • Decide on what training your organisation needs
  • Decide which of your staff needs the training
  • Talk to training providers about your needs. The Board can help you find an appropriate Training Organisation. Give us a ring.
  • Ask the training provider to submit the course details including outlines, training period, times for training and course costs.
  • Assess the costs of the training and make sure it is reasonable. For example, seminars with large numbers of attendees should generally be cheaper than courses with fewer attendees.
  • Complete the board's online application for funding with a course outline attached. This must be received by the training board at least three working days prior to the commencement of training.

Industry Associations

  • Associations will be invited to make a submission on their allocation as part of the Board's annual budget preparation process. 
  • Payments will be made as the Association delivers on its program.
  • The association must apply for funding approval for each training event a minimum of three days prior to the date of commencement. If the subsidy is paid on a per head rate only eligible industry practitioners may be included in the claim.

Apply for funding

Click the button below to apply for funding via our online form.