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Preview of 'TBCITB Regional Workshops – HAVE YOUR SAY'
Preview of 'State of the Industry Report 2018'
Preview of 'TBCITB Training Plan 2017-2018'
Preview of 'TBCITB Funding for Training Policy and Procedures (updated Dec 2017)'
Preview of 'Annual Report 2016-2017'
Preview of 'State of the Industry Report 2017'
Preview of 'Annual Report 2015-2016'

Annual Report 2015-2016

November 28, 2016

The year 2015-16 has been a busy year for the Board.

Preview of 'Building Information Modelling Forum'

Building Information Modelling Forum

October 28, 2016

The Building Information Modelling Forum will be a discussion aimed at developing the BIM capability within the wider Tasmanian Construction Industry.

Preview of 'TBCITB Training Plan 2016-2017'

TBCITB Training Plan 2016-2017

August 17, 2016

Publication of the TBCITB Training Plan for 2016-2017.

Preview of 'TBCITB State of the Industry Report 2016'

TBCITB State of the Industry Report 2016

May 9, 2016

The recent state of the industry has meant that apprenticeships, the highest priority entry point to industry, seem to have bottomed out. With the levels of demand and activity generally improving in the...