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Up to $693.00 per attendee 1

1 Figure provided is indicative only


$1300 per person - Includes assessment fee but does not include Licence processing fee payable at Service Tasmania.

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Following is outline of training course for those wishing to gain a High-risk License in dogging. This course is part of the Construction Training Package (CPC08).

This is required for anyone who is to ‘dog’ a crane. If you do not have a High-Risk Work Licence [class DG], you must enrol in a formal training course, delivered by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we work through AOTA (91493). We provide both theory and practical training.

Training is undertaken in the following areas,

i. Plan work Hazards, site information and OHS regulations, access and egress, site personnel, emergency procedures, weather, lighting, gear, (spreaders, slings, ropes, shackles, etc.)

ii. Select and inspect gear Lifting gear inspected and damaged items labelled and rejected. Select and assemble required gear.

iii. Set up crane Assist with outriggers, packing and block reeving

iv. Move load Sling loads and connect to slewing crane using selected gear. Use correct method of signalling, hand/whistle/radio for stop, raise, lower, slew and luff crane.

All MSM training is on demand and undertaken at your premises with your equipment so the trainee is familiar with the plant they will be using and in a familiar environment.

Learning outcomes:

On successful completion of training and assessment, participant will receive a Statement of Attainment for Licence to Perform Dogging and Interim Licence to Perform High Risk Work (Class DG).


Participants must be over 18 years of age, be able to speak and understand English; understand technical concepts; and provide 100 points of identification as per WorkSafe requirements.

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(03) 6331 2091

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$1300 per person - Includes assessment fee but does not include Licence processing fee payable at Service Tasmania.

Course Date

Scheduling of this course is subject to customer demand.

Contact the training provider for more information.


32 hours per attendee

About the Training Provider

McCulloch Safety Management (R.W. & E McCulloch)

McCulloch Safety Management is a family owned and operated business and has been operating here since Bob resigned from Workplace Standards in 2001 where he was the lifts and crane, and forestry inspector based in Launceston.

Robert McCulloch – CEO

Bob has over 30 years in the inspection of lifts and cranes and has conducted licensing and assessing in Tasmania since 1991. He has a trade background and engineering qualifications in Naval Architecture and is a member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, Engineering Council and Safety Institute.

Bob has training in SafetyMAP, workplace auditing to AS 4801 and 4360 and manual handling.

Bradley McCulloch – Trainer/Inspector

Brad has over 25 years experience in the industry with a trade background as an electrical practitioner. He has been with McCulloch Safety Management since 2008 and has assisted in the inspection of all types of plants, as well as being proficient in the safety and electrical systems of access equipment.

Brad is currently finalising his Certificate IV in Training & Assessing.

Contact the Training Provider

(03) 6331 2091


Training providers are solely responsible for the quality and accuracy of content and delivery of training courses listed on the Industry Training Calendar. TBCITB provides the Training Calendar in good faith as a service to industry practitioners. Please note that by taking the option of applying for funding you are not securing a booking for the selected course. All bookings must be made directly with the training provider.

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